Let your walls speak for your heart.
Everything in this life bears witness. Every Captxrd artwork tells a story and reflects a sincere intention to create meaningful connections - both with our Creator and between the Muslim Community.
We are defined by what we place in our hearts and our homes; what we share and what we give; and how we spend our time and money. At Captxrd, our humble belief is that true art will illuminate and bless our lives with a remembrance and understanding of our Creator, as the source of all beauty and history around us. 
We hope that Captxrd will be a catalyst for connecting the modern Islamic community through beauty, education and storytelling. 
Every unique Captxrd piece has a deeper meaning and is a gift that will keep on giving.
Captxrd was founded by three Muslims with very different backgrounds: Abe Elsayed a Marketing professional, [insert Imran description] and a South African artist and techpreneur. The Captxrd origin story is a perfect example of the beautiful serendipity that only God can bestow alhamdullilah. Three different souls unified and captured by one purpose: creating connection through remembrance of Islam