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Subhannalah "Storm Sight" Islamic Art

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Remember Allah (swt) during all storms - physical, spiritual and emotional.

This is the story and message behind this Islamic artwork, featuring an Arabic calligraphy composition of "Subhannalah".

In Surah Ar-Ra’d (Qur’an, 13:13), Allah announces that the thunder formed by the lightning repeats His praises: “The thunder glorifies His praise, as do the angels, out of fear of Him…” 

Scholars advise us to say "Subhanallah" when seeing the lightning or hearing the thunder as a supererogatory act. Abu Dawood reported in his book of 'Maraseel' that the Prophet Muhammad (saw) said: "If you hear the thunder say 'Subhanallah'.

Product details

- Original Art: This artwork was originally made by hand by one of our founders.

- Quality Materials: For a distinctive & luxurious visual experience, this piece has been hand-printed on premium, ¼ inch glossy acrylic with superior, long-lasting UV ink. The use of acrylic glass offers an unmatched aesthetic and breathtaking detail and color depth

- Floating Panel that is easy to hang: Each piece is produced with a PVC hanging mount attached to the back that allows it to “float” off the wall. The mount has a single screw hole for easy, fast and convenient hanging. Let your walls speak in 5 seconds flat! :)

- Support Local: We print and source all materials from local vendors in the USA.


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